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Select the type of devices and wiring and just click on your model to place them.

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Sketchup electrical Examples

Verify circuits

View connected devices and check unconnected ones

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Automatic BOM :

At any time you get the exact length of each wire type and number of devices. Save your BOM to a csv file.

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New! Circuits detection

Automatic circuits detection
Circuits names and color edition

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Complex circuits ... created in minutes with Oob electrical.

Add devices, connect them, get your bill of material.

SketchUp electrical Example

Sketchup electrical results

Save time ... and money!

Faster design, precise BOM of devices and wires, buy only what you need.

Sketchup electrical results

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More examples and tutorials on YouTube.
Download plugin (rbz file) and install it in SketchUp:

Click here for installation procedure.
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Sketchup electrical results

Electrical devices

The list of devices is updated regularly. You can also add your own devices

Version Feature description
1.0.0 Initial version
1.0.1 Mac OSx correction
1.1.0 Selection of standard type for devices
1.1.1 Multi sel of wire types with Ctrl key
1.2.0 Correction of inches/feets lengths display in BOM
1.3.0 New AWG wire types
1.4.0 3 gang and 4 gang switches
1.5.0 addition of US devices (switches and outlets) + symbols
1.5.1 export BOM to csv file
2.0.0 Devices automatic snap to wall (faces and edges)
2.0.1 Easier wiring: click anywhere on devices to connect them
2.1.1 Update of wiring after moving devices

$ Buy Oob electrical plugin

SketchUp Electrical Oob

1 Permanent license

$ 49.00

  • Compatible from SketchUp 2014 to 2021
  • Windows (7,8 and 10) and Mac OSx
  • English and French interfaces

International standards included:

SketchUp Oob Electrical cabinets

How do I install Oob electrical extension?

1 Download the plugin (rbz file)
2 Follow this procedure
3 Ask for an activation key Activation key »
4 Activate the plugin.

How do I activate Oob electrical extension?

1 Check your email for your id and activation key.
2 Open SketchUp and click on the "Oob electrical" button: Oob electrical
3 Click on "Register now" button and paste your id and key Oob electrical

How do I place a device in my model?

1 Open SketchUp.
2 Click on the "Oob electrical" button: Oob electrical
3 Select the device you want to add: Oob electrical

4 Move your mouse and click to position the device: Oob electrical

How do I set the orientation of the device?

1 Follow steps 1 to 4 here above.
2 Use the "Shift" key to turn your device before placing it. Oob electrical
3 Use "Escape" key to cancel the positioning:

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