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Set the desired terrain size and click on the build button, that's it!

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Sketchup terrain Examples

Analyze the terrain

Get the mean altitude horizontal plane, mean tilted plane in one click.
Create interpolated terrains.

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*Terrain data sources

Oob terrain uses:
NASA SRTM 1-arc-second data version 3
Google Elevation data

 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), 2013, NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission United States 1 arc second. Version 3.
 NASA EOSDIS Land Processes DAAC, USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Googe elevation data

Data coverage and limitations:
 NASA SRTM data: SRTM successfully collected radar data over 80% of the Earth's land surface between 60° north and 56° south latitude.
 Google elevation data: Google API requests are subjected to daily quota. This may results to terrain temporary unavailibity.

2 500 km² (1000 square miles) terrain ... created in seconds with Oob terrain

SketchUp terrain Example

Sketchup terrain results

Create material from GoogleMap.

New Select a map style (terrain, roadmap, satellite) and combine it with SketchUp styles (smoothed, transparent, shadows ...).

Export to other software.

Save your terrain as ascii, csv or 3D DXF file (AutoCAD)...

Download DXF file and open it in AutoCAD or DWG TrueView:

Sketchup terrain results

SketchUp terrain

Still not convinced? Try it ...

More examples and tutorials on YouTube
Download plugin (rbz file) and install it in SketchUp:

Click here for installation procedure.

Version Feature description
1.0.0 Initial version
1.1.0 Mean altitude plane
1.2.0 Mean titled plane
1.3.0 Interpolated terrains (between original elevation and mean tilted plane)
2.1.0 New elevation data source: Google maps elevation
2.2.0 Google maps texture
2.4.0 Beta Hi resolution terrains
2.5.0 Bug fix for Google textures on Mac OSx
2.6.0 Flat terrain option
3.0.0 Export Terrain to ascii, csv or DXF (AutoCAD) file
3.1.0 New Select a map style for the texture (roadmap, satellite, terrain)

How do I install Oob Terrain extension?

1 Download the plugin (rbz file) Download Oob Terrain plugin
2 Follow this procedure
3 Ask for an activation key Activation key »
4 Activate the plugin

How do I activate Oob terrain extension?

1 Check your email for your id and activation key.
2 Open SketchUp and click on the "Oob Terrain" button: Oob terrain
3 Click on the "Register now" button at he bottom of the panel Oob terrain
4 Paste your id and key in the activation popup:
Oob terrain

How do I build a terrain?

1 Click on the bottom left button Oob terrain to geo-locate your model.
Click on "Add a location" and search your location.

Oob terrain

Validate your location:
Oob terrain

2 Click on the "Oob Terrain" button: Oob terrain
3 If you want to build a textured terrain click on "CreateGoogle Map texture" and select your type of texture.

Oob terrain

Wait a few seconds until the "Build 3D terrain" button turns dark blue.

4 click on "Build 3D terrain" and select your type of terrain.

Oob terrain

You're done!
Oob terrain

How do I smooth a terrain?

1 Select the Check your email for your id and activation key.
1(bis) If you are working with "high definition" terrains, you can right click, explode the terrains, and create a new group. Oob terrain
2 Right click on it and click on : "Soften/Smooth edges" button:
Oob terrain
3 If needed, change the parameters in the "Soften edges" section of the default tray.
Oob terrain

$ Buy Oob terrain plugin

1 Permanent license

$ 15.00 $ 9.00

  • Compatible with SketchUp 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Windows (7, 8 and 10) and Mac OSx
  • English interface
SketchUp terrain Oob