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Detailed parameters

Define the size of bowes, shelves, drawers ...

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Sketchup cabinetss Examples

Custom handles types

Cylinder, L Shape, Tubes .... and all the handles that you can create on your side!

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Apply to all :

Use this icon to apply your changes to all the corresponding cabinets.

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New feature: drawers boards

Define type of boards and joint (including rabbet joint)

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New feature: vertical dividers

Define complexe shelves and vertical dividers.

Ever tried this in SketchUp? ... Created in a less than 2 minutes with Oob cabinets.

Base cabinets, wall cabinets and angles in one click ...

SketchUp cabinets Example

cabinets results

Save time ... and money!

Use the "Next" buttons to create a new cabinet ... next to the current one.

Still not convinced? Try it.

More examples and tutorials on YouTube and 3D warehouse.
Download plugin (rbz file) and install it in SketchUp:

Click here for installation procedure.
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Version Feature description
1.0.0 Initial version
1.0.1 English/French/Chinese translation
1.0.2 Presets save/load
1.0.3 Scrollbar visibility correction
1.0.4 Activation procedure
2.0.0 Vertical dividers feature
2.1.0 Drawer boards feature
2.2.0 New drawer position option (top/bottom)

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SketchUp Oob kitchen cabinets

1 Permanent license

$142.5 $99.0

  • Limited offer

  • Compatible with SketchUp 15, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Windows (7,8 and 10) and Mac OSx
  • English and French interfaces
SketchUp Oob kitchen cabinets

How do I install Oob cabinets extension?

1 Download the plugin (rbz file)
2 Follow this procedure
3 Ask for an activation key Activation key »
4 Activate the plugin

How do I activate Oob cabinets extension?

1 Check your email for your id and activation key.
2 Open SketchUp and click on the "Oob Cabinets" button: Oob terrain
3 Paste your id and key in the activation popup Oob terrain
4 If the popup doesn't show up click on the "Register" button Oob terrain

Oob terrain New: Oob Terrain plugin, build 3D terrains inSKetchUp