SketchUp Oob Layout Dialog

Detailed parameters

Define the size of elements, spaces and color.

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Sketchup Layouts Examples

All types of layouts

Paving, terrasse, sidings, tiles, floors, bricks, stones ....

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Random sizes and color

Apply random to your layouts to improve realism.

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Ever tried this in SketchUp? ... Created in a few minutes with Oob.

Tiles, wall sidings, wooden gate, barrier, poles ...

SketchUp Layout Example

Layout results

Save time ... and money!

Get the exact number of pieces you need: joists, plasts, plaster boards, rails and even ceiling suspensions.

Still not convinced? Try it.

More examples and tutorials on YouTube and 3D warehouse.
Download Oob plugin in the SketchUp extension warehouse.
Download plugin (rbz file) and install it in SketchUp:

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New : Multi layers!

SketchUp Oob Multi layers

1 License for Oob plugin

$29 $19

  • Limited offer

  • Compatible with SketchUp 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • Windows (7, 8 ,10) and Mac OSx
  • English and French interfaces
SketchUp Oob Multi layouts
Oob terrain New: Oob Terrain plugin, build 3D terrains inSKetchUp   

Presets samples :

Breeze blocks wall

SketchUp breeze blocks wall

Brick wall

SketchUp brick wall

Stone wall

SketchUp stones wall

Paving: regular

SketchUp paving floor

Paving: offseted

SketchUp paving offset floor

Paving: random

SketchUp paving random floor

Terrasse: regular

SketchUp terrasse

Terrasse: random

SketchUp terrasse

PVC portal:

SketchUp portal